Our long experienced Japanese kimono specialist will prepare you
to fit perfectly into your dress and remain in a shapely stature.


Formal kimono ¥15,750
Long-sleeved kimono ¥18,900
Semi-formal kimono (color, designless) ¥13,650
Mourning kimono − fine design ¥12,600
Informal kimono (yukata) ¥8,400
Obi re-knotting (kimono sash) ¥5,250
Collar application ¥1,575
Preparation for “7, 5 and 3 years of age”
(hair, make-up included)
Maturity pre-ceremony
(hair, make-up included)
Maturity ceremony
(hair, make-up included)

* Package price for pre-ceremony and ceremony dressing ¥46,200
  Please read carefully the following terms

A reservation is compulsory for any treatment or service

Please come to the Spa 10mn before the reserved time

Should you have any delay, please call at least 30mn before the reserved time, or we might not be able to provide the full program/treatment you reserved. Please note that in some cases, we may ask you to change the reservation time or date.

Should you wish to cancel or change a reservation, please contact the spa the previous day before 20:00 to avoid any cancellation fee. Otherwise, our cancellation policy is the following :
Cancellation at least 30mn before the reserved time : 30% of the scheduled treatment price
No cancellation or cancellation within 30mn of the reserved time : 100% of the scheduled treatment price

All programs/treatments require skin counseling beforehand and subsequently

Depending on skin and body conditions, some treatments may not apply. Should you have any allergies, sensitivity to certain components or particular deficiency please notify the therapist during counseling

You may store your valuables in the closet of your treatment room. Please keep the key with you at all times

The spa will not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings in the salon

The program/treatment duration includes clothe changing and treatment. However please keep in mind that counseling is not included and will therefore be held just before the reserved time

Treatments and prices on this document may change without notice

Should you have questions or comments, please call the spa

All prices included VAT tax

English attendants on site