100% Japan made organic green juice!
2017-5-07 (Sun)
We have the longest history of researching organic barely green juice in Japan. Please try our organic healthy juice together with our famous spa treatment!
100% natural Japanese aroma massage!
2016-09-20 (Tue)
Our salon supports animal welfare so our cosmetics brand has not been done by any animal test! http://www.facebook.com/hollywoodbeautysalon/
Cool Shampoo is for this summer!
2016-08-15 (Mon)
Shampoo Sommelier is in our salon! who selects best ice cold shampoo for you!
Happy Chinese New Year!
2-10 (Wed)
Welcome to Japan! We are the oldest total beauty salon in Japan. And we do the best you can find in Tokyo. English and Chinese speaking attendants are at site! Feel free to email us!
100% Natural Japanese aroma massage!
8-17 (Mon)
Welcome to Tokyo! Welcome to Japan!! We are the oldest salon in Japan. We offer 100% natural aroma massage. No other spa can have this menu. Lexus premium lounge and Aman resort hotel in Ginza have some forest aroma for their rooms. We use exclusive aroma oil for our legendary spa menu. We have English speaking attendants at our site!
Spa gift for present!
6-23 (Tue)
We have beautifully packaged 10,000 yen gift certificates for your special occasions.We can also customize our tickets for the menu you desire so that the price numbers will not appear on the surface of the certificates.
treat yourself!
12-05 (Fri)
Our exclusive Japanese 100% natural forest essence will offer a retreat away from the bustling city of Tokyo and take you to the mountain of Hida Takayama of Gifu pref. where a World Heritage of Shiragawa-go sits right by the forest. http://hollywoodsalon.co.jp/mgs/mgs_e/spa/index_e.html
Kesen Tsubaki camellia hand cream
11-29 (Sat)
Please take a chance to read our Tohoku support hand cream project on a net news. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/09/07/national/tohoku-students-showcase-areas-products-new-york-fair/#.VHbBUyjwtIF
Beauty gifts to support NPOs!
11-28 (Fri)
We have great selections of CSR related beauty items at our Roppongi Hills salon. Please take a chance to swing by Hollywood Plaza of Roppongi Hills to check them out! http://https://ssl.hollywoodsalon.co.jp/ecshop/html/
oldest beauty salon in Japan!
11-08 (Sat)
we are a total beauty salon that introduces you rare beauty items at salon too. Please take a chance to swing by our salon when in Roppongi Hills.

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